Who We Are

Who We Are



Hi! I’m Ashleigh, and I write and organize this mess. I’ve always loved sewing, crafts, and delicious eats. I have a serious sweet tooth, I hope you don’t mind. Being able to create healthy homemade alternatives to everyday items is exciting and fun to me.  There are always delicious desserts, tea sipping, and lots of inspiration for projects here.

Mountain Man



This is my husband, Mountain Man, he’s my biggest fan and cheerleader. He loves all things outdoors and has taught me so much about camping and fishing. Thankfully, he also helps with all my posts for Casually Unexpected. Isn’t that beard awesome?

Little Lady



Here’s Little Lady and she is the light of my life. Ever since her arrival, nothing has been the same and I just love being her mommy! I’m sure you’ll see her grow throughout this blog, just you watch out!




We try to keep our surroundings as natural as possible and we try to do that simply, sustainably, and organically. Casually Unexpected is where you’ll find everything from dinner, desserts, to sewing and DIY projects. This is just us documenting our lives and our unexpected adventures. Please feel free to look around, we hope you’ll stay a while!




Here’s more about why I blog.