How to Store Lettuce

We buy lettuce with the intention of making salads, but we all know that doesn’t always happen.  It gets forgotten or pushed into the unknown regions of the fridge. It’s the thought that counts, right? Wrapping lettuce this way we have lettuce weeks later, when it’s eventually found it is pretty fresh and we do make that salad! Here’s how we have fresh lettuce waiting for us:

Begin by rinsing your lettuce and separating each leaf.

Lettuce_greens2Pat the leaves dry and stack them on top of a sheet of plastic wrap.

Lettuce_greens3Create a packet by enclosing the leaves with plastic wrap. Make sure the lettuce is covered well.

Lettuce_greens4Here’s lettuce after 16 days!! It’s still going strong, don’t you think?

Lettuce_greens5Now that you have fresh lettuce weeks later, make a salad or stuff some leafy greens into a sandwich! I do this when we get home from the store so it stays fresh. This ensures long lasting lettuce and we get the chance to use it.

It’s worth a try! What’s your favorite way to store lettuce?