Pattern Weights

I’m very particular about my patterns. How can something so useful be so delicate! I don’t cut the different sizes in case I need to use the bigger size later. I also don’t pin my pattern pieces to the fabric. Somehow I just always tear them. However, what does work for me is pattern weights. I like to use these instead of pinning them. The weights keep the patterns in place and I think they look cute.


Any local hardware store should carry them. You don’t necessarily need the biggest washers and nuts. (These are ¾”)

I’ve wrapped them with twine and included a loop so they could be hung. If you’re reading this you probably know how fast a craft space can get disorganized and messy.

Pattern Weights1

Begin by making a loop large enough to hang around a knob or screw.

Pattern Weights2Wrap the twine a few times around the washer or nut so it’s nice and snug. Make sure to have the tag end under the wraps.

Pattern Weights3Continue wrapping the twine all the way around.

Pattern Weights4

Pattern Weights5Wrap the twine around the base of the loop twice and tuck it under to tie it off. Essentially making an overhand knot.

Pattern Weights6

Pattern Weights7

Pattern Weights8Snip the end!

Pattern Weights9Does the inside look like a heart to you too?

Pattern Weights11Pretty easy, huh? Do you use pattern weights? What do you use? I would like to know!