DIY Vehicle Window Shade

We’ve been on a trip for the last couple days visiting graduating family. This meant a looooong road trip. We meant to buy a vehicle window shade, however by the time the trip came around it was even too late for Amazon Prime. The sun can be blazing hot and in Little Lady’s eyes in the backseat. We needed one to help her sleep during this long road trip.

This easy peasy project can be made in less than 20 minutes. Which means you can get this done and still have plenty of time to yourself during naptime. Best kind of project, short and useful, isn’t it?


2 big rectangles of fabric, or 2 fat quarters

4 grommets

4 suction cups with hooks

Sewing supplies (sewing machine, thread, etc.)


I cut two big rectangles of extra fabric I had on hand. If you have some fat quarters, use those!

Sew, right sides together, all the way around leaving enough space to turn it right side out.

DIY Automobile Shade

Flip right side out and completely sew all the way around, closing it off. Basically you will be sewing a rectangle. This is easy, huh? Don’t mind the crease, I didn’t even bother ironing the fabric.

DIY Automobile Shade

I bought a package of these eyelets from Joann’s a while back so I had them on-hand too. They’re available at Joann’s or you can buy them on Amazon here.

DIY Automobile Shade eyelets

Follow the directions on the eyelet package and apply a grommet to each corner of the rectangle. You’ll want to put them as far in the corner as possible so the shade will fit the hooks on the suction cups.

DIY Automobile Shade

Once done, hang it up on the window using suction cups. I found them at Dollar Tree, hanging in the vehicle section.

DIY Automobile Shade1

And that’s all there is to it! Really cheap and fast project since most of the supplies were already on hand with a little planning can be all ordered online.

DIY Vehicle Window Shade

There is enough eyelets and suction cups to do two!!


  1. Keith says

    Hey, have these suction cups held up with regular use? I’m in need of some window shades and I like your design. Thank you.