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I usually don’t make new year’s resolutions but this year it needed to happen.

My main resolution this year is to get organized. I’ve been using my Erin Condren Life Planner for a while now, which has helped, but I haven’t been leveraging it as much as I should. I know some of you carry around your planners everywhere and wouldn’t be caught dead without it. But for me, I’ve been leaving it at home and writing everything down when I get back.

I’ll definitely be carrying it around more this year to go along with this resolution and to eliminate some of the paper in my purse. You know, those pesky shopping lists. I seem to have dozens hidden in the black hole I call my purse so I made this laminated dashboard that fits perfectly inside my planner.

I use a dry erase marker to write down items and when I go shopping I wipe off each line, by the end of the trip it is clean to start my list for next week.

I left the page margins pretty wide. If you happen to use a different kind of planner this can still work for you. To create this dashboard, print the page out on thick paper and trim it down to fit your planner. Mountain Man bought me this paper cutter and it makes quick work of any paper. Then laminate the page using this laminator with these pouches. I used this hole puncher for the holes after laminating using the planners back cover as a punch guide. Then slit each hole to slide it onto the wire.

I put it towards the front of my planner, but since it’s removable it’s very easy to move around. Try it out in different spots to see what works best for you!

Free Shopping List Dashboard


Happy New Year! Keep up with your resolutions!


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