Happy Cloud and Raindrop Pillows

We are finally thinking about finishing our basement and I couldn’t be any more excited! Little Lady will have a new room so I thought I should get ahead and make some fun decorations. Here comes today’s post!

I still haven’t picked out a theme for her room, but I knew I had to make these for her. This little project was super quick and they turned out adorable.


For this project you’ll need:

½ yard of cotton fabric for each pillow

1 bag of fill

embroidery thread and needle

sewing machine and misc sewing accessories: pins, thread, fabric pencils, etc.


First, print the pattern out and cut your pattern pieces out on fabric. Embroider the faces on one side of each the cloud and the raindrop. I used a simple single stitch using this embroidery thread. Then, sew right sides of each pillow together. Sew all the way around leaving a big enough hole to stuff your pillow. I left the hole on the bottom edge of the pillow so it’s nearly invisible.

Rain and Cloud Pillows2

Turn the fabric right sides out and stuff with filling.

The fill I used is this one. It has become my favorite and I found it when I was making Little Lady’s foxed stuffed animal. They are many little pieces of fill so there’s no bunching!

Rain and Cloud Pillows3

Hand sew the stuffing hole closed using a hidden stitch. There are lots of good tutorials on youtube if you need help. I usually watch one as a quick refresher.

Rain and Cloud Pillows4

And it’s as simple as that!

Rain and Cloud Pillows5



Click here to download the pattern.